Chris' entry was immediately impressive - not least because of the rather awesome NMM going on (something I'm not usually fond of, but it works really well here)! I love it to bits and I think it's a very worthy winner to be sure! All the bounties of the 2017 collection will be his, and very deserved I think too!
Adam's Heph was only just pipped to the post for the overall prize. The very first Odyssey figure still packs a mean punch, and the base is really rather cool too! Adam gets to choose a lovely new figure from the upcoming Kickstarter, without even spending a penny! Bravo sir....bravo!
Fantastic entries one and all! Special mention to Jon Doyle who single-handedly accounted for over half of all the entries I had! Very much appreciated - your lovely figures have beefed up the gallery no end :) . Thanks to everyone who entered, and hopefully we can do it again! 

Click on the images for bigger pics...helpful if the text hurts your eyes!