Ordering is done nice and simply via Paypal. With this, you can order using most current bank/credit cards and you don't even need a PP account to do it! I'm afraid I cannot take cheques or money through the post, but if necessary I can accept money via a bank transfer to my account. Please EMAIL me if you'd like to take this option. When the money clears through, I will then post out your goods.

Shipping for the UK is £1.50 and worldwide is £2.50. This is for 1st class post in the UK, and AIRMAIL SMALL PACKETS for the rest of the world. There is minimal compensation with this method. I post out usually the next day after payment has been made, but as JoeK Minis is run as a side project (and I have a full time job), please allow 4-5 working days for UK post, and 7-10 working days for overseas delivery. In the event of a package not arriving, please EMAIL me. I have to allow 28 days before I can contact Royal Mail and make a claim however, so please be patient. 


If you would like extra insurance with your order, I can arrange for postage to be done via Recorded Delivery in the UK or International Signed For overseas fpr an additonal charge. Again, please EMAIL me, and I can send you the details.

If you wish to return your purchase, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order. The order must be returned to the address bellow (at your cost). Upon receiving the returned items, I will issue a full refund. 

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JoeK Minis
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Most figures these days are produced in metal alloy (I still refer to it as lead, but there's not much of that in any figure anymore :) ), plastic or resin. There are a number of reasons why I've chosen resin though, and I thought I'd better explain a little bit. Without doubt, figures cast in resin will provide the closest copy you'll get of the original sculpt. It holds onto detail amazingly well, doesn't suffer the shrinkage issues you get with metal (the heat involved in metal moulding once cooled always suffers a little bit) and it's very easy to work with. It's also the only economical way I can run the business! It certainly costs more to produce individual casts (by some way!), but because I'm doing short runs, it's also the most cost-effective all 'round!

You clean and prepare resin almost exactly the same way as you'd do with metal and plastic figures, although it's always worth giving it a little wash in some soapy water to get rid of any oils from the casting process. Gently rub off excess flash or mould lines with a knife and file (although don't be using it too much - resin is quite brittle and doesn't like too much rough-housing!. Like metals, you might sometimes get a part which is everso slightly bent out of shape. Don't be tempted to bend it out of the box - it'll snap! Instead, pop the part in some warm water for a minute or so, take it out, and then gently bend and hold it in position until dry. The resin will then remain in that shape! Job done :)