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When all looks lost, humanity's heroes will answer the summons. Discover who they are here.

Created by the Titans, the gods rebelled against their masters. They are driven by one purpose: to cleanse the universe of imperfection. Then, and only then will they find rest.

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Updated: 07.11.2019

Not only do I produce figures for you to buy! I also offer a comprehensive painting service at competitive rates and timely fashion. Click here to find out more, and to book me!

There are many tales to be told of the Odyssey. Click here to read a few of them. Written by Fet Milner and (occasionally) Joe Karame!

The store is currently closed whilst we organise and sort out nice new stuff going into 2020. Which sounds a long way off, but as we have a kickstarter coming along, it'll fly by for sure. Trust us.

Learn everything you need to know about me, my company and just what the heck I'm doing by clicking here. It's a tale to span the ages.

All enquiries, questions and other such stuff. Contact me and I'll endeavour to answer within 24 hours.

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