About Joe(K)

"As the name suggests, my name's Joe Karame and I've been a painter and hobbyist for longer than I can remember. Well, actually I can remember - 1981. I bought a Citadel Miniatures Hydra from my local bookstore. In retrospect it wasn't a good buy, as the blu-tack I used to attempt to stick the heads on the body never worked very well. However, undeterred by this I progressed with buying and painting, meeting like-minded folk at school and going to the early Games Days at Derby. All great fun indeed!"

"I stopped painting in '97, when I went to university. It wasn't until 2008 that I decided to pick up a brush again. That same year I won a little pin at Games Day and that sounded like as good a call as anything to carry on. And so I did!"

"In 2010, I launched JoeK Minis. Individual figures sculpted by some wonderful people and sent out into the world for people to paint up, and ever since then I've been doing the same. For the last few years there has been much more focus on world-building, and Odyssey is my attempt at that. It's epic on every level, and probably will be the death of me but I love making new things and coming up with new twists on ancient myths. Thankfully, some of you like it too which means I can pay a few bills here and there. With this and painting commissions I work through my days enjoying myself enormously, meeting friends - old and new - on the road. It's no small thing to do something you enjoy, and I can honestly say I feel pretty lucky."

"As always, all of you who visit the page, share your likes and support me via Kickstarter and the store (on the odd days it opens!) you have my thanks. Without you all, there would not be a JoeK Minis and life would be infinitely duller."